Weidmann, the Perfekte Pilsner

Pauli Weidmann was an ambitious and adventurous young man
so he decided to brew his own German specialties

The mix of Pauli’s personality and traditional craftsmanship makes Weidmann beer accessible, natural, affordable and therefore the ideal companion when enjoying life with friends and family.

The fun design theme ‘Gemütlich!’ stands for true German cosiness. It is the kind of intimacy you share with friends in a true German way often displayed at German biergarten parties.

As Pauli Weidmann used to say, “Zum Wohl” (that’s cheers in German).

The Brewery

UDB was created in 1968 by Allied Breweries through the merger of two of the oldest breweries in Holland: ‘De Drie Hoefijzers’ in Breda, of which the roots go back to 1538 and ‘De Oranjeboom’ in Rotterdam, established in 1671. In 2008…..

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The Lager

German beer has been brewed in accordance with the purity law for over 500 years. Using the four ingredients prescribed in this law. A German saying loosely translated as ‘Hops and malt for beer, may God preserve them here’ alludes to the basic…..

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The Experience

This classic German meal of pork knuckle and potato dumplings is easy enough to replicate at home. Enjoy it as you would at a Bavarian beer garden, with a cold glass of Weidmann. Perfekte!

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